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Service, Repair, modify Auto Cockers. Cocker Rebuild, LPR, HPR, Switch and Retime. Add to cart $ 123.60. Custom Milling on Your Cocker Body. Add to cart $ 360.50. Factory Rebuild, Auto Cocker. Add to cart $ 157.59. General Service, Auto Cocker. Add to cart $ 63.03.New pyro project Autococker 😃 The milling has a somewhat new approach - its body, front block, and back block are milled simultaneously to ensure everything matches up …

Nummech Paintball Products. September 14, 2019 ·. Good news for classic SP markers - our rebuildable detents are finally in stock in the "short" SP style (seen below on a Nerve). This rounds out the full array of threaded detents already available for SP's long style, Angel, AGD ULE, and of …Focus kept going in and out cause I used my phone to record it, and I can't adjust the focus manually.Aluminum is .16" thick.Endmill: 1/8" 3FL Flat AlTiNFeed...

Frustrated with the quality control issues associated with the stock WGP raw autococker bodies, MacDev milled their own bodies for the 03 production year. This allowed them to match the high tolerances of their internal upgrades with a perfectly matched cocker body.- Threaded for autococker barrels 3 or 4 hole HEX, RT or minimag body: $225 Shipping: $12 Pump milling service available on these : $30 Special Prices on Autococker threaded barrels if you guy a body. Autococker threaded RT Barrel with no stainless tip (put your own on it...they screw on) $30

2001 - Minor Milling Change (Deep groove milled inside the oval before lined details) Value and Rarity. Autococker STO's are pretty easy to find in the market presently. They had an MRSP originally of $800. Depending on condition and changed you can expect to see Autococker STO's in the price range of 150-250 dollars. ** To be aware**ZDSPB. 820 likes. Paintball tech site specializing in marker parts, customization, and restoration.

In 1994 Belsales took the initiative and launched their "Evolution" autococker. The Evolutions had the distinction of being the first non WGP line to receive full warrantee from WGP despite many novel advancements like threaded timing rods, the reverse P block, wire ball detents and cosmetic milling and later innovations such as the REX kit ...The new 2008 Autococker SR has finaly truely taken the step up in autococker history sence the Karnivore - the 05 release of the BlackMagic gave us the midblock advancement but the WGP Selectfire frame and the normal STO ram gave the blackmagic some room for work still keeping the Karnivore on top of the cocker food chain.

Element Premium CE 'Celtic' Body Kit – Custom Milling – Integrated Vasa, Custom Detent, Feed Neck and Back Block 86 Degree 'Clutch' Slider w/ Grip Panels & Trigger Shoe 7.5″ Barrel Back (freak-styled) & 4.25″ Middle & 7.5″ Front Niche High Flow Brass Valve w/ Teflon Cup Seal Niche Nemesis – High Pressure Regulator v2The Autococker is at its very roots a pump that has pneumatically been enhanced to fire with each trigger pull. When the trigger is pulled the gun will fire and re-cock through a series of stages, thus the terminology "Autococker" ... You will notice that the milling is very sparse and it is very heavy. These needed a cocking rod that was a ...

Press-fit feednecks were common in markers around the year 2000 (slightly older or newer) as it was an effective method to permanently attach a feedneck with minimal machining time. Press-fit adapters can be found on 2000 vertical feed Shocker Sport bodies, many types of WGP Autococker bodies, AGD X-Mag breech sections, and some other markers.Autococker Work. Ego Necking $22 ... Pin, Basic Milling Mini'ing $25 Midget $25 - Includes IVG Thread Deepening, Basic Milling. Midget $45 - Includes Above + Hammer Modification + IVG Modficication. Extra Body Milling-Front Wing Removal $10 -Sight Rail Removal (flat top) and Feedneck Lowering $30 ...

Cutaway Autococker #10, example of a full length autococker, courtesy Josh Bear. In a mini cocker, the body is chopped down or designed to be shorter, with the vertical ASA screwed directly into the front block or integrated with the front block itself. It's …They are known for their classy milling, ultra smooth trigger, nifty velocity adjuster (Rex kit) and wire detente, and of course top of the line anodizing. Interestingly, this is also the first aftermarket autococker to retain a WGP warranty. For almost 10 years, when people mention top autocockers, Evolutions are almost always mentioned in the ...

autococker movies. mini autococker. 2004 worr games autococker trilogy reviews. paintball autococker 21 sniper barrel. dye autococker trigger frame. 2004 autococker eblade. used autococker. wgp autococker 2003. posted by jamar @ 4:11 PM 3 comments.AUTOCOCKER MILLING. Customize your Autococker with a smooth flowing cut. Here are some pics of one pattern for Merlin bodies. Below them are a Flowline milling pattern done to a 2k body, with back + front blocks, dovetail, and 9 degree ASA made to match. Or think up something on your own, whether you want it simple, or extreme.

WGP AUTOCOCKER BODY Up for sale is a Gloss Black WGP 2004 Autococker Marker Body. This Autococker Body comes with matching Front Block. Banjo Bolt, Back Back and Vertical ASA. The body has been drilled and tapped to accept all Planet Eclipse Eblade, WGP WorrBlade, SelectFire and NDZ Electronic Trigger Frames.Development lab: N-Autococker bodies Welcome to another tech article about making a paintball marker body!. Nummech has manufactured many marker bodies over the years, ranging from prototyping to large-scale production, but the "old school" markers like Automags and Autocockers present some new aspects to the machining process.

Possibly the lightest Autococker ever made. 🔺 Extreme body milling 🔺 NEW FLE Grip Frame. 🔺 V.2 Pneumatics . ORDER NOW : RETRO FLE BODY KIT. The new FLE body design is milled to the minimum amount of material required. 🔺 Extreme body milling 🔺 Grip Frame alignment bosses.Welcome to Custom Cockers . We have created this website to show the work of many talented airsmiths and companies that have used their creative talents to modify and enhance the performance and appearance of the WGP Autococker.

This is a display of autocockers I own or owned at one time. Several pictures will take you through the upgrading changes of that particular marker.Autococker Filter by All 9/16 9/16 valve ac autococker board screw bolt cocker cocker valve tool e blade eblade half block halfblock mid block midblock pump screw sled sniper tech tools valve valve tool worr blade worr frame

Planet Eclipse CS2 and CS2 Pro. The CS you always dreamed of! CS2 Pro (2019): In autumn 2019 Planet Eclipse launched the Pro version of the CS2. In addition to a new milling and a newly designed backcap, the included accessories were extended by an additional trigger and three (.689, .685 and .681) instead of two barrel backs.The most intricate and complex milling ever produced for a paintball marker now decorates a full-length Autococker body kit. Necrococker mid-block body. The bizarre cosmetics found on our Necro series bodies has been grafted onto a shorter midblock Autococker body kit.

All The FREAK'N Options. Recent Top Sellers. ACP Freak XL Tip $ 59.99Sep 27, 2014 - Explore George Lamontagne's board "vintage paintball markers" on Pinterest. See more ideas about paintball marker, paintball, paintball guns.

Palmers Pursuit Shop 4212 Roseville Rd STE K North Highlands, CA 95660 Phone 916-923-9676 FAX 916-923-9674 Hours 9-5 M-F PSTAutococker Feedneck Mod - $30. Custom made insert for Empire/Nummech Spec feednecks pressed into your body after removing the old one, custom cut to size. Can also mill body to make it more low profile. Autococker Halfblock Conversion $100 - halfblock cut that can accept any Standard/Empire/Inception Halfblock bolt/sled.