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This is the same belt as the Mills Cartridge Belt, except with the black leather and brass buckle as shown. It holds 45/70 (or 45/90 or other similar 45 caliber) cartridges. The belt loops on our reproduction are sewn on, not woven into belt as the originals were. There are 36 to 40 loops on the belt, depending on the size of the belt.99 MILLS PLATES Die Struck Brass, Embossed As Described, Polished And Complete With Belt Catch (Reproduction). Used On Woven Mills Pistol And Rifle Cartridge Belts.

Cartridge Canvas Mills Cavalry Belt 3" 40 Loops. Item Number: WEWBM-1881. In stock. As low as $81.59. Add to Cart. Quickview. Add to Wish List. Cartridge Canvas Web Belt 3" 25 Loop Pistol Cartridge Belt. Item Number: WEWBF.MILLS WOVEN CARTRIDGE BELT Co Original Assignee MILLS WOVEN CARTRIDGE BELT CO Priority date (The priority date is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the date listed.) Filing date Publication date

US M1910 Mills Belt. Description: WW1, M1910 (Dismounted), brass fittings, Mfg. by Mills Woven Cartridge Belt Company, Worcester, Mass USA on brass keeper. Mills bullet on back side, patented Jan 29 1901 July 19, 1907 on reverse. Mills inside bullet ink stamped on …This is a quality reproduction of the famous Mills canvas cartridge belt as used by the U.S. Calvary in the late 1800s. It has 25 loops for the .45/70 military cartridge and is adjustable to 50. The front is stamped US in oval, rear of the buckle is stamped Anson Mills, Pat. Feb. 1881, T.C. Orndorff

M-1881 3" Mills Belt and Buckle, 45/70, and many other rifle calibers.Mills 1894 Infantry cartridge belt, .30/40 Krag, 50 loop. 'H' type brass buckle and unit stamped on the back. Condition is very good with moderate wear.,...

The Mills cartridge belt was invented in i866 by Captain (now Brigadier-Gen et al) Anson Mills, of the U. S. Army. His purpose was to provide an acceptable substitute for the clumsy box then used for carrying fixed ammunition. He first made belts of canvas, forming loops …Canvas and leather cartridge belts for shotguns, pistols & rifles. Cowboy action belts made by Triple K, Wolf Ears Equipment, Oklahoma Leather Products, Pacific Canvas. Whether you are a cowboy action shooter or you want a leather holster for your firearm. Buffalo …

Need help identifying a Mills woven cartridge belt. I've looked in my resource books and on the internet, but have been unable to identify this Mills woven cartridge belt. It has 40 closed end cartridge loops. The belt is about 2 3/4" wide. the loops are about 2 …The History of the Mills Equipment Company . THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE MILLS WOVEN CARTRIDGE BELT. Recorded by ALBERT A. LETHERN, O.B.E., Managing Director of the Mills Equipment Co. Ltd., assisted by notes prepared by WILLIAM P. WISE, the first Managing Director (up to his retirement), published by THE MILLS EQUIPMENT COMPANY LIMITED, 56 VICTORIA STREET, …

General Mills invented the woven cartridge belt and loom for its manufacture and founded the Mills Woven Cartridge Belt Company, of Worcester, Massachusetts, which manufactures woven cartridge belts and equipment for all the world. He was a member of the board of visitors at West Point in 1866, and was United States military attache at the ...Product Description. Ten pouch cartridge belt. Made by MILLS WOVEN CARTRIDGE BELT CO./WORCESTER MASS. USA. The belt has worn canvas and some of the snaps are pulled loose., Product Videos. LicenseType. LicenseType NLR. Product Reviews.

Lets leave the 1870s cartridge belts behind and move to the 1880s 45-70 woven cartridge belts. First up are Mills Patent Infantry Belts with Mills H pattern brass plates. The top two belts pictured have the model 1886 Whittemore H pattern US plate on them. Some references state that these are 1890s plates.Pre-WWI US Army Mills eagle snap rifle cartridge belt. $52.98. 8 bids. $9.00 shipping. Ending Tuesday at 12:54PM PDT. 2d 8h. SPONSORED. RARE US ARMY MODEL 1910 .45 CAL. COLT REVOLVER 4 POCKET MILLS CARTRIDGE BELT.

Description. Reproduction of the Mills style cartridge belt. We offer these in both the .45-70 and the Shot Gun model. Belt comes complete with brass US belt …CS style flap holster. Available in black or russet. Left or right hand. Stamped "CS Arsenal Baton Rouge, LA." $89.00. CS Holster. U.S. Re-issue Holster. This is the same Civil War holster, only with "US" embossed on the flap. It was common to re-issue Civil War holsters after the war for use on the frontier.

US Span-Am Mills Blue Cartridge Belt . FLU1596. TimeTravelerMilitary. 5 out of 5 stars. (228) $120.00 FREE shipping. Add to Favorites. WW1 US Army Mills Cartridge Belt . FLU3115.ORIGINAL HARDWARE AND FITTINGS FOR MILLS CARTRIDGE BELTS AND LEATHER SABRE BELTS – VARIOUS BRASS FURNITURE TO COMPLETE YOUR BELTS: Listed here is a selection of brass fittings to complete the cartridge belts manufactured by the Mills, Spaulding and Hulbert Belt companies, as well as some fittings to complete the earlier leather sabre and waist belts.

M1923 CARTRIDGE AMMO BELT-KHAKI. $ 59.95. ECONOMY GRADE REPRODUCTION WWII US "10 pocket" cartridge belt for M-1 Garand and Springfield Rifles by the US Army. This belt will hold 10 x 8 round block clips for the M-1 Garand or 20 x 5 round stripper clips for Springfield rifles.Patented Mills July 16'07 May 18'15 Thus I think it was made My 18 1915. It was made by Mills Woven Cartridge Belt Co in Worcester, Mass USA. M1 Garand clips fit in the pouches so it may have possibly seen WWII action but that is a weak maybe.

Interesting Mills.30 Caliber Cartridge Belt(111-B) Here is an interesting tan Mills woven cartridge belt for.30 caliber rifle ammunition. Circa 1898-1900, for use with Springfield M-1896/98 Krag or M-1903 Rifle which shows a veterans modification for a belt knife.From the web trouser belts, 782 Gear straps, cartridge belts, every vet will recall scrubbing their web gear with a kiwi or GI brush. The more bleached it became the saltier he felt. Shortly after the Civil War, Mills began to improve the regulation cartridge belt by attempting to weave the whole belt in one piece without sewing.

Price$175.00. 3" Anson mills web belt with Remington Dog's Head buckle. Looks to be chambered for .38-55. Belt is in overall good condition with minor staining noted. Great looking civilian web belt!10x 50 Round Rifle Bullet Cartridge Bandolier Ammo Belt For 308 Cal. 30-30 30-06 10x 50 - $78.37. ... Bandolier Mills 100 Round Blue Mills 100 Blue Round Bandolier Mills 100 Round . Antique 38 Caliber 6 Round Leather And Composite Police Belt Bandolier Antique 38 - $55.00.

Mills Woven Cartridge Belt Company was established in Worcester about 1906 to manufacture military cartridge belts and related materials. About 1921 the name changed to Mills Belt Company and the business expanded to the manufacture of woven belts of all types. The company was no longer in Worcester by 1931. One of the principal products was ...Anson Mills (August 31, 1834 – November 5, 1924) was a United States Army officer, surveyor, inventor, and entrepreneur. Engaged in south Texas as a land surveyor and civil engineer, he both named and laid out the city of El Paso, Texas.Mills also invented a woven cartridge belt which late in …

Pre-WWI US Model 1905 Mills Woven Cartridge Belt for .30-40 cal Krag Rifle RARE. $124.99 + shipping + shipping + shipping. Mills Woven Cartridge Belt Catalog Reprint 1890s. $14.95 + $3.19 shipping + $3.19 shipping + $3.19 shipping. Picture Information. …There are no visible markings on this particular belt, but was most likely made by Mills. The Navy also had a version of the M-1904 pistol cartridge belt. The design was the same as the Army version, however, there were some differences. The most obvious being the buttons on the belt bearing the Eagle and Anchor of the Naval service.